JWT First Press

This event turned out pretty well for the agency. You can click on the image to read more about it.

ECD: Dave Ferrer
Copywriter: Joe Dy, Priscilla Fajardo
Art Director: Danielle Lim
Accounts: Maggie Madayag


Sagmeister Notes

Took some notes during the talk. You can actually watch a similar talk to the one he gave us over at Kidlat. Look for him at www.ted.com (he has several talks there actually).

Oh and below is Sagmeister's autograph. Too bad I didn't have an Xacto blade.

Scented Samples

This was a campaign for JOY Scented Toilet Paper. Here in the Philippines, scented toilet paper is a new thing. To introduce it into the market, we took pieces of toilet paper, rolled them up into a cone to mimic perfume samples in department stores. The results were awesome. Women (the target market) were able to sample the scent, and the softness of the toilet paper, which was totally incidental. We also have a print ad, with the same image above and a pull out sleeve that gives a sample of the scent the toilet paper has. Exactly like a perfume sample you'd get out of Vogue Magazine. It was a fun little campaign.

ECD: Dave Ferrer
Art Director: Danielle Lim
Copywriter: Priscilla Fajardo
Accounts: Kathy de Leon, Ellie Llorente
Producer: Karen Pilapil


Sagmeister and Danni.

Sagmeister looking at my work.

I had the honor of meeting Stefan Sagmeister during the weekend during the 2009 Kidlat Awards in Boracay. He was one of the judges this year. He took at look at the Adobo Ads and said that he liked the typography. I think I half fainted when I heard him say that.

Afterwards we proceeded to do a shoot in his hotel room, w/c I can't really talk about yet. The ads will be up here as soon as they are published. I had a few good conversations with him. I feel so privileged.

He's sitting next to my ECD, Dave Ferrer, another awesome creative.