Adobo Magazine Ads

Adobo Magazine Ads

These ads are for Adobo Magazine (the leading advertising magazine in Manila). Mixing the fonts was a crazy task, but now I'm addicted! Also illustrated them myself. There are 2 others (Droga and Neil French) but when I upload them on here the colors come out all wrong. I will try to get it right and eventually post it. 

There was a certain order I worked on these ads, which I think is interesting to note. I worked on Droga first, and Neil French second (both are not posted yet). Stefan Sagmeister's was the third one and probably the hardest one to work on. The whole time I kept pressuring myself to make it perfect in case the typography king actually saw it. I hope it meets his standards. Bogusky's was the last one. Still thinking about changing up that background. Had a great time illustrating him though. He's really a good looking guy (hehe). 

Will post the other 2 soon. 

ECD: Dave Ferrer
Art Director: Danielle Lim 
Copywriter: Joe Dy & Prichie Fajardo
Accounts: Kathy De Leon

Department of Tourism 30 second TV Commercial

I hope you guys enjoy this one. We definitely had a great time working on this one. This is a BBDO gig. I know I said everything from here on would be tagged JWT...this is the last one. 

J Dubbing It

I moved from BBDO Guerrero to JWT. Been working here now for about 3 months. Dave Ferrer's on top of it. It's such a privilege to work under him.