Bungalow 300: Klimt

Bungalow 300 came up with Klimt colored pillows. So we did this ad for them.

Illustraator: Samantha Lim and Danielle Lim
Art Director: Danielle Lim

Bungalow 300 Invitation

Bungalow 300 invite (front)

Bungalow 300 Invite (back)


Planet Hermès

For this window, we strayed from time and explored the concept of MACRO. Macro is observing an in depth view; discovering details not always seen. Here we focus on the Hermès strand.

You can see more of this store window at anikkidanni.blogspot.com


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Tala + Grubbies

After many experiences and countless journeys, Mavis finally landed at her store. For her opening, we took her story and translated it into a retail art piece. Each piece of string represents her "A to B" journey.

Logic gets you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere.

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You can see more at anikkidanni.blogspot.com


Manila Hotel Centennial Print

Thanks for looking

So glad Manila Hotel came back to us for their Centennial Ad.

ECD: Dave Ferrer
CD: Joe Dy
Copywriter: Mark Ibaviosa
Art Director: Danni
Final Artist: Michael Gonzalez
Producer: Carol Pe Benito


Hermès: Suspended in Time

For this window, Hermès asked us to play with the idea behind their new watch that has a feature that allows you to place the hour arm directly on the one, and the minute arm directly under the eleven. It's a way of suspending time.

Here, we suspended over 1000 objects using clear nylon string.

Check out this video :)