Adobo Creative Review by Sheungyan Lo

The ECD of China chooses one of the Adobo ads to review. He was here for the Passions (JWT internal judging of work) and this ad was their favorite from the campaign. Too bad I wasn't here at the time. Was on leave, in Boracay. We scored a 6, which isn't bad. Was happy about it.



Alex Bogusky is following me on Twitter. Of course I asked if I could follow him first. This slight connection to him somehow encourages me.


Manila Hotel: Mabuhay Palace

Here's an ad we did for the Chinese restaurant at the Manila Hotel. The subject was originally Hu Jintao, but since the restaurant focuses on Confucius, we thought we would to. Cliche, yes, but it's what the client wanted. Sigh.

ECD: Dave Ferrer
Art Director: Danielle Lim
Copywriter: Joe Dy, Priscilla Fajardo