Ipanema is a Brazilian brand slipper. The challenge was to give it a lively design like how it is in Brazil, but at the same time staying away from the Havaianas look. We targeted women. We mixed fun with sexy and this is what we got.

The pink one is pretty much done. The yellow one is about 80% done and the blue one is about 90% done. We had 2 days to get the designs out for the yellow and blue one.

Add one cup each of blood, sweat, and tears into a blender. Infuse patience in an air tight container. Serve.

ECD: Dave Ferrer
Art Director: Danielle Lim / Katrina Encanto
Copywriter: Rachel Villanueva
Photographer: Jose Aragon
Producer: Carol PeBenito
Accounts: Janlo Cui


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